Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I have always been inclined to put real people that I know into my stories. Usually I change their names in some absurd way. I have been doing this almost since I began writing, but it was only last year that I learned the process has a name: Tuckerization. My assumption has always been that people who are Tuckerized will be glad and amused to be turned into characters; but the truth is that they sometimes aren't, imagining slights and insults that aren't there.

I have decided to make a list of real people who have become characters in my stories. This list isn't complete by any means, but it's a good start. I don't include characters such as Philip José Industrialist, Arthur Mucky, Beerbohm Soames, etc, as they were inspired by people (in this case writers) I never actually knew. I am referring only to people I have had direct contact with in real life.

One important point to remember is that in nearly every case no offence at all was intended! Here's my list. See if there's anyone you recognise on it. You might even be one of these characters yourself!

Dan T. Inferno
Nobbel Omit
Beston Simwick
Nemo Lewis
Gamma-Ray Russell
Gary Z McFry
Rosemary Gibbet-Pardoe
Pastor Rowlands
Mark Xeethra Samuels (and his latest incarnation, Sam Markuels)
Ford Snapdragon
Jeff MeerCat
Alleneal Asherley
Simian Kurt Upstart
Graham Yootha
Peter the Tenant
Chris Understatement
Meol' China
Theaker Peculiar
Stepladder Chapbook (tricky one this)
Wishiwashi Joshi
Bob the Lock
Ramsey Crosse & Blackwell
Lord John Problem
Joel Backalley
Stephen Germanic Peoples
Swiss Brendan
Coconut Matt Cardigan (erudite but itchy)
Ready Salted Quentin
Nicholas Peasant
Lavie Tidhar Lavie Do
Esteban Teak
Gwilym Sans Frontières

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